Fishing in a pond with 350 million IT talents

In India, IT talents are less scarce. We fish in a pond there with more than 350 million IT professionals. Because we have been working with Indian IT companies and developers for more than 10 years, we have an extensive network from which we draw. This allows us to quickly find good people and help you to scale up capacity when you need it.


In addition, the (labour) costs in India are lower, an advantage that we will of course pass on to you.  To give you an idea, already for € 20 per hour or € 3.500 per month you have a full-time freelance Indian IT top in your team.


Lower costs, without compromising on quality. The level of education and quality of Indian IT professionals is high. It is not for nothing that super large companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple employ almost one third of Indian/Asian employees. They don’t do that just because of the lower costs.


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