For and with you

Our working method is transparent and straightforward. You indicate what you need and we do the rest.

We have an extensive network with freelance developers, scrum masters and project managers in India and the Netherlands, do a pre-selection and you get the selected profiles.

Together with you we make a choice, where you can speak to the candidates yourself via Skype, Zoom, Teams or any other online tool.

Of course we are open and transparent in our rates and margins. No secrets. Trust and honesty is the basis of our cooperation. This is how we are built and this is how we want to do business.

We arrange the paperwork, so you can immediately focus on the work you asked us to do. Simple, isn’t it?




Not because it’s trendy

We work and think Agile. Not because it’s hip, but because we believe that a flexible approach with short iterations and with you at the wheel is the shortest way to well-functioning software,

You manage the work stock and determine the priority. 100% involvement. In sprints of 1 to 4 weeks, your team delivers working and immediately usable software. 

At the end of each sprint we look back together. What went well and what could be improved? Learning and improving together. Sounds good, right?

Don’t panic if you’re still unfamiliar with the Agile scene. We are happy to help you. We are familiar with the booklets, but most of all we are practical and look at what suits you best.



Are you curious how we can help you too?