Edward Vernhout

Edward Vernhout

Edward Vernhout has over 15 years of experience in offshore development teams with Indian and Brazilian developers. He has helped the National Police, T-Mobile, Stella e-bikes, Body & Fit and the tax authorities to get the best out of their teams. Driven and enthusiastic he takes people with him, often with a twinkle to put things in perspective or break the ice.

Proffesional skills

Remote werken
80 %
Multiculturele offshore teams
95 %
Scrum en Agile werkteams
90 %
Social binding
90 %
old-school project management
80 %


  • Increase Agile maturity teams
  • Team Binding
  • Offshore software development


Edward is an energetic, enterprising and driven Agile professional who with enthusiasm and a hint of humor binds and takes people with him. He can rightly be called a specialist in working with offshore teams. He is passionate about bridging cultural and time differences and ensuring social bonding in teams where team members do not work in the same place. He has experience with 1 to 80 teams and has done assignments for T-Mobile, Stella, the Police, the Tax Office and Body & Fit. In addition, he has set up companies with developers in Brazil and India.