In short: we hire out Indian and Dutch developers, scrum masters and ‘old school’ project managers. Top-notch, driven, pushing the boundaries, talented and completely in the Agile-sizzle.

To give you an idea, starting from € 20 per hour or € 3.500 per month you have a full-time freelance Indian IT top in your team. Lower costs, without compromising on quality. Sounds good, right?

Expertise: PHP, .NET, Java, Javascript, Nintex, OutSystems, WordPress, mobile apps (Android, Apple and Hybrid) and more.


You ask and we ‘turn’, search and find the perfect fit for you. Whether it’s one or more Agile developers or even a whole (scrum) team, including scrum master and possibly product owner. We enthusiastically and diligently focus on every request for help and only stop until you are more than satisfied.

Attention, we are good in well-organized teams of 2 to 6 IT leaders. This is the only way we can deliver the best IT professionals, with the right expertise and personality, and we’re not sliding around with ‘paper’ resumes.


Of course, teams don’t just have to consist of Indian developers. We will put together the best team together with you. This can also be a hybrid team with Indian and Dutch developers, complemented by your own team members.

Of course we won’t throw you in the deep end with a ‘strange’ offshore or hybrid team. We are passionate about forging remote and offshore teams and of course we also help you to get your team up to flying altitude as fast as possible and grow to surprising heights. If desired, it is also possible to have Indian team members work at your location for one or more weeks. We are happy to persuade them for you, if the corona measures of course allow it.

Also take a look at ‘Our way of working’ about how we work in finding the right IT talents for you.


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