We are Cloud9 Offshore. Nice to meet you!

We are Cloud9 Offshore, a network of passionate Indian and Dutch freelance developers, scrum masters and old school project managers.


The best secondment company in the Netherlands for hiring offshore developers and teams of 2 to 6 developers, whereby we also make offshore software development accessible to smaller companies and projects.

We believe that people are more productive and satisfied when they work at a place and time they like. Not everyone peaks between 9 and 5. We also believe that a physical location is limited when it comes to finding the best people. It would be very coincidental if the best people live right near your office, wouldn’t it? Hence Cloud9 Offshore.


With our many contacts and an extensive network of freelance IT talents in the Netherlands and India, we always find the best people for you. From ‘loose’ developers to complete teams. Every IT topper works remotely, from where he or she feels at his or her best.


Cloud9 Offshore is a strong collaboration between Cloud9 Consultancy, Triple Twist and Leef! Marketing.

Together we have years of experience in recruiting IT professionals, creating online solutions and supervising and coaching remote teams, with team members at different locations and from different cultures and time zones. A mouthful, but a perfect and no-nonsense mix to help you.


Helping you to realize online solutions by delivering Indian and Dutch IT leaders, who seamlessly become part of your team and instantly give a productive boost and a significant saving on your IT budget.

Your Cloud9 Offshore team


Edward Vernhout

Edward Vernhout has over 15 years of experience in offshore development teams with Indian and Brazilian developers. He has helped the National Police, T-Mobile, Stella e-bikes, Body & Fit and the tax authorities to get the best out of their teams. Driven and enthusiastic he takes people with him, often with a twinkle to put things in perspective or break the ice. Proffesional skills Remote werken 80 % Multiculturele offshore teams 95 % Scrum en Agile werkteams 90 % Social binding 90 % old-school project management 80 % Activities Increase Agile maturity teams Team Binding Offshore software development Shortly... Edward is an energetic, enterprising and driven Agile professional who with enthusiasm and a hint of humor binds and takes people with him. He
With Hans we have a sales heavyweight in the ranks of Cloud9 Offshore. He is passionate about helping companies that are looking for extra 'hands' and/or 'brains'. His focus has always been on the Dutch market, but for Cloud9 Offshore he also looks abroad. Hans listens, thinks along with you and looks for tailored solutions. Always with the interests of all parties in mind. Characteristic for Hans: honest, transparent and pleasantly impatient. Proffesional skills Remote werken 80 % Multiculturele offshore teams

Jeroen Kunst

Jeroen lives for (online) marketing. He is a leader in increasing online findability and brand awareness. For Cloud9 Offshore he is committed to spreading our services and culture in the big world and stimulating sustainable growth for the company. He is driven by ambition, passion and a 'Always be learning' attitude. Jeroen is down-to-earth, proactive and communicates in a pleasant and understandable way. Proffesional skills Search Engine Optimization 80 % (Online) Project Management

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